A complete Guide for Men’s Gold chains

Earrings and gold chains are two of the most common items of men’s jewelry. Men’s gold chains and chains made from other materials such as sterling silver come in a variety of styles and types. How to choose the right type and style? What is gold terminology? How to choose a chain that matches your style and budget? We’ve got the answers to all these questions. You are going to learn a lot.

Common Styles Of Men’s Gold Chains

Cable Gold Chains 

Curb Gold Chains 

Rope Gold Chains 

Italian Figaro Chain 

Cable Gold Chain 

This is the oldest and simplest type of chain. A jewelry maker connects single links together to form a chain. You can wear this chain alone or attach a small pendant or medallion.     

Curb Gold Chains 

This is also a form of cable chain but more sophisticated. Links can have different shapes such as square or round. Edges can be beveled or curved.    

Rope Gold Chain

A rope chain contains multiple links laid together to form a rope style pattern. Rope gold chains are very robust and strong. So, it is best for pendants. However, a rope gold chain is not as flexible as other types of gold chains. Rope gold chains are very similar to the Miami Cuban link chains. However, rope chain links are less cheaper and braided than Miami Cuban link chains. 

Italian Figaro Chains

It is a curb chain with one difference. It has varied links. An Italian Figaro chain can come in different forms. It can be thin or thick. This chain has a design that is more interesting than other curb chains.  

Gold Terminology 

If you are planning to buy a men’s gold chain, make sure that you are aware of the characteristics that define the price of a gold chain and its type. Quality is the most important aspect. 

For example, 10K gold is not as expensive as 14K or 18K gold.  

What is the meaning of Karats? 

Karat indicates the number of parts of gold in a piece of jewelry. Gold is expressed in Karats. For example 10K, 14K etc. 

Gold is too soft for making jewelry. It cannot stand regular wear. Jewelers add some other metals to make gold stronger enough to make jewelry.

14K gold contains 58% of gold and 42% some other metal types. 24K gold is 100% gold. Check the following table to learn about the conversion between Karats and the percentage of pure gold. 

Karats  Percentage 
14 58.33 to 62.50
18 75.00 to 79.16
22 91.66 to 95.83
23 95.83 to 99.95
24 99.95-100

Different Types Gold Chains 

Following are the different types of gold chains:

Solid Gold Chains

This chain is made of a single mixture of this precious metal. 

Filled Gold Chains

In addition to gold, some other metal is also used for making these chains. Permanently melted gold is used to give a goldish finish to the chain. Only a fraction of metal used for making a filled gold chain is gold.     

Plated Gold Chains

The process of making these chains is very similar to painting coating of cars. There is a base metal to which gold is attached using a chemical electrical charge. Gold plated chains are more common than filled gold chains and solid gold chains. Gold plated chains are also cheaper. However,  the thin coating of gold wears away over time.   

Length and width of a gold chain

Type and style of the chain, the amount of gold and quality of gold defines the price of the chain. The price and style also depends on the width and length of the gold chain. When it comes to the size of the chain,  your taste and personal preference matter the most. Neck chains are usually 16”. 

Width is measured in millimeters. If you are a man with a larger body, choose a thicker gold chain. And, if you are a man with medium size body, choose a narrower gold chain.