What stands out the Dress Code for cocktail for Men

Dress code – these are certain requirements for the appearance of a person according to the theme of the event, they relate, as a rule, to clothes, shoes, and accessories. Today, business etiquette has several types of dress codes for men, thanks to which it is possible to choose the right outfit for a particular event, look perfect and appropriate. For example, the dress code is a cocktail for men, which provides celebration visitors with free choice of outfits.

Of all the existing and existing dress codes, Cocktail attire is the best one, since there are no strict requirements and limits for it. The main task facing a man is the correct and harmonious combination of clothing in texture, color and style load. Much depends on the event itself, its theme and specifics, which should also be considered when choosing a wardrobe. Check out the dress code of cocktail attire for men that can awesome.

Classic Version:

In the classic version, it will be an evening dress code for the event, which will be celebrated later than 9 o’clock in the evening. A casual and comfortable set of clothes is acceptable here, that is, a familiar, but elegant version of the classic suit, which is allowed to wear cufflinks and expensive watches to emphasize your social status and style. But it is better to refuse a tie, as he will add excessive officialdom to the event.

Business Party:

In this case, the evening cocktail dress code can come in handy during negotiations in a restaurant with partners or counterparties; accordingly, a man faces the task of picking up a rather strict cocktail dress code. It can be a strict black suit that matches business etiquette, options in dark blue and brown are also acceptable. The shirt can be either plain or pinstriped, be sure to complete the image with a tie and shoes in a classic design.

Shoes and Accessories:

According to the Cocktail dress code, a man must pay attention to the choice of shoes and accessories for a common outfit. Classic derby shoes are perfect, but they should have a neat not massive toe and a perfectly polished texture. The color of the shoes can be black or brown, usually, according to business etiquette, the shoes echo a shade with trousers. An alternative to derby shoes can be oxfords in the same style.

Allowed accessories for such a man’s outfit are watches, a tie, a belt on trousers and cufflinks. As for the tie, it is worn only at business and social events, but at the corporate party, you can wear a more laid-back set of clothes without a tie. A tie with a neutral or geometric pattern will look ideal, but one of the patterns or patterns should still be somewhere in the clothes.

Social Event:

If we are talking about any social event, it is worth dressing a little stricter than in the previous version. As a rule, a set for a man includes such items of clothing as a high-quality classic suit, a classic and formal shirt that matches perfectly with it, let’s say a tie and cufflinks. You can complement the image with luxurious patent leather or leather shoes.

These are the best fashion tips to look classy. Follow these dress codes and be like a celebrity.