Top 5 Oris Watches You Should Not Miss

Have you ever thought of a timepiece brand that will forever leave you fascinated with its inventions and innovations? Well, we have prepared great news for you. Oris is the watch brand you are looking for.

The watch collections of Oris are high-quality and affordable. The brand has also produced models to befit various tastes and needs of watch users. With the name Oris, it’s pretty natural to get stuck questioning which wristwatch will best satisfy your taste.

Meet The Oris 

Oris debuted in 1904 and was founded by George Christian and Paul Cattin. The founding pair termed the brand name after a close-by stream in Holstein, Switzerland.

The watch brand is distinguished for its utilization of a red winding rotor, which turned out to be the brand’s hallmark in 2002 – an emblem of its enthusiasm for producing automatic timepieces. This hallmark will be a reference for compliments if you are looking for a good conversation starter in gatherings. 

Oris also has an abundant chronicle of manufacturing world-class timepieces of high accuracy. With this brand, no doubt, you will be spoilt for a great selection. With more than a hundred years of superiority and perfection, here are some of the best Oris timepieces of all time. Are you ready? Well, let’s get right into them.

The Classic Date Watch

Are you searching for a timeless watch that’s more fitted for a professional environment before anything else? Well, here’s the one – the Classic Date Watch from Oris will surely satisfy both your taste and your needs.

The unique guilloché decorated chapter ring at this watch’s border goes excellent with its design and style. The dial is visible and readable even in low light situations, thanks to the aid of some glowing material encompassing it.

If you prefer a timepiece that keeps a moderate profile on your wrist, its fluid form has made it attainable.

The Diver Sixty-Five Watch

The Diver Sixty-Five from Oris is a model that has rocketed to legendary status. The timepiece was first founded more than fifty years ago and is now modernized as a piece of a vintage lineup, which highlights classic shape with a retro style that gives the nod to days of old.

Even though it has the looks of a vintage timepiece, it is jammed with modern innovations, which include the unidirectional bezel with decoration on a 60-minute marker, with indicators amused with superluminova to give the wristwatch high readability even in low light conditions.

The Men’s Sportsman Day-Date Watch

This BC3 Sportsman Day-Date from Oris is a stylish sports watch provided as one of the brand’s more affordable watches. It is an elegant model that is stuffed with advanced functionality. The watch’s bezel is fixed, yet it still offers an artistic aesthetic in vintage styling with a day and date highlights and black dial features. Its case back is transparent in a display, fashioning with both back and front coated with scratch-resistant sapphire quartz. Sportsman Day-date watch arises with a pin buckle and rubber strap, making you feel secured while wearing it.

The Artelier Pointer Date Watch

If you are looking for a versatile piece, then the Artelier Pointer Date Watch is one of the true to type dress watches around. It flaunts a lineup of effortlessly refined watches fitting for business, formal, and casual attire. Depending on the timepiece, the movement can carry a multitude of various capacities, varying from simple movements to those with day and date, Moonphase, and GMT functions.

The ChronOris Date Watch

If you are searching for a regenerated racing wristwatch that is highly readable and functional with a hint of classy, then the ChronOris date watch is the one. The Oris ChronOris Date timepiece is a racing-based watch from the ’70s. The classic black dial on this watch which complements with orange emphases that you’ll consider fine-looking. It is quite distinct, preserving its sporty, racing-inspired appearance after all these years. The watch’s covers are of diverse forms and designs. One has got beautiful groves while another is secured just right for a good grip. Perfect as it is easier to manipulate for the wearer. 


Watch enthusiasts are no stranger to Oris timepieces. The company provides an incredible finish and fits in all their wrist watches at values that are difficult to surpass, which has been the Oris narrative all along. The evidence is in the pudding, as they are excellent looking and astonishingly well-crafted watches that carry their own, alongside famous brands like IWC, Rolex, and Omega. Oris timepieces embody some of the most significant values for money within the whole luxury watch production. Buying an Oris watch is not only a great statement piece but an investment that is worth it.