Customization is what makes Letter Charm Necklace so Special

Do you have your marriage anniversary round the corner? Are you wondering what gift you should buy for your spouse? If you are in a state of dilemma and confusion, them here is something that can make life easier for you! How about a letter charm necklace?? These types of necklaces have always been very popular and they are meant to be designed to be gifted to someone special on a special occasion. What makes these necklaces so special is the fact that you can add a touch of customization to them, by adding different letters which would be hanging from them. You can also use different types of signs and symbols. 

Few Popular Choices of Letter Charm Necklaces

When it comes to a letter charm necklace, there are a couple of popular choices you have. Here are some of them

  • Love Charm Necklace: These types of necklaces are very popular, especially if you are planning it for your wife or girlfriend. The ones which are made of soft and creamy pearls are highly demanded in the market. You have a heart sign hanging from it, which would make this piece look even more attractive and beautiful. There are wide ranges of different designs and quality that are available in the market when it comes to these types of necklaces 
  • Sweet Heart Charm Necklace: These types of necklaces come with two silver sterling charms. The pendant which is smaller in size is available in heart shapes while the one which is bigger comes in a circular shape. The circular pendant is usually made by applying hammered texture, which makes it look more attractive and unique. The charms in this type of necklaces remain suspended in a bead chain. There are options for you to personalize the heart pendant on which you can have the name of your beloved or initials inscribed. When it comes to the circular pendant, you can add more names in it; however, here you need to use smaller fonts so that they can fit into the size of the circle. For each pendant, a maximum of seven characters can be used. This type of necklace would be a perfect option you have kids; because you can add the name of your children in them 
  • Double Charms Pearl Necklace: This is one of the best designs available if you want to express your love and set it at a different level altogether. These types of necklaces come with two different circle charms which are being accented with a piece of milky-white pearl. Here you have the option of personalizing it by engraving the names of your wife and yourself on each charm. 

Apart from these, there are various other options in terms of designs that are available in the market, when it comes to letter charm necklace. The fact that you can personalize the design makes them even more special and can be the perfect gift for your spouse on that special occasion