Mark Roemer Looks at Creative Ways You Can Use a Domain Name for Personal Branding


Irrespective of the size of your business the brand name plays a crucial role in propelling the reputation of your business. Companies spend thousands and sometimes millions of dollars to discover that one name and tagline that will spark interest within the minds of potential buyers. One of the many ways you can improve your personal branding is by using a domain name in creative ways, and Mark Roemer has a few tips to help you out. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Ways

1. Link to your LinkedIn Profile- Your LinkedIn profile can be an excellent way to promote your brand. The platform is a priority for businesses. Entrepreneurs from around the globe connect, share stories, strategies, and discuss matters both business and recreational.

Just buy a domain name and link it to your LinkedIn profile and you’re all set. As the internet is pretty saturated, you might not have a .com extension with your name. Instead, you can choose from a collection of many extensions such as .online, .site, and .online.

2. Portfolio Website- Although the hard copy resume won’t be going extinct anytime soon, having a portfolio website grants you a significant authority. It offers added flexibility to your resume. You can attach a link to your social media profiles, a technique that is most commonly used by influencers and affiliates.

You can even present it in a more visually pleasing manner, given the number of templates available online. You can even use a simple website design as it may also be quite effective. Try using your full name to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

3. Listicle- You surely have come across listicles on the internet, websites that contain a list of important links and other information. You can turn your website into a landing page with links to your profiles on GitHub, Etsy, Behance, etc. Once you’re done, you can share the collection as a whole, under your name all over the internet.

This enables you to showcase all your achievements and projects in one place. The strategy is quite effective and if executed correctly, can skyrocket your brand way ahead of the competition.

4. Shortened links- Ever looked at the social media links? They are unreadable and make no sense at all. Did you know that you can shorten the links?

There are plenty of URL shorteners available on the internet. Simply shorten the social media link leading to your post, attach your name, and share it with your clients. Not only does it make it more readable, but it also ensures maximum brand exposure.

5. Email address- Your email address is the most useful branding tool at your disposal. Instead of using a or, you can attach your brand name. 

For instance, you can use or You can choose one from any mailing service and create a memorable online presence for yourself.


Promoting your brand is crucial in such a brand saturated online ecosystem. These are a few ways that Mark Roemer believes you can effectively execute a personal branding campaign on the web. Choose a name that stands out, and you’re good to go.