Pearl jewelry that accentuates your femininity

It would not be an exaggeration to state that pearl jewelry and femininity go hand in hand. Whether it be the iconic images of prominent women from yesteryears or be it the chic woman of today, we all can testify that pearl jewelry enhances the femininity of a woman without overdoing it. The grace and elegance of the pearl are timeless and unmatchable. 

Pearls previously were considered a luxury item because pearl harvesting is a complex and labor-intensive process. It is still the case if you wish to acquire genuine pearls. They come straight from the oyster shells that are most commonly found in the seabed, a strenuous, time-consuming task. The demand and love for pearl jewelry led to the development of pearl farming, as well as of imitation pearls. Both are economically affordable for the masses, and thus most of the beads that you see in the market are not genuine pearls. The real beads will not always be spherical, and there may be slight imperfections. Whether these gems are natural, from a culture farm or imitation pearls, their grace in pearl jewelry is unmatchable.


Pearls are associated generally with their classic white appearance, but they do come in a variety of other colors as well. You can find them in pink, lavender, gold, and even in black color. It goes through a culturing technique that is usually spherical, semi-round, oval or pear-shaped, and button form. You may have seen jewelry with all these different shapes of pearls. This diversity in the beads presents jewelry designers with a wide array of options. They can create various unique, feminine pearl jewelry articles.


Pearl necklaces are probably one of the most iconic and feminine jewelry pieces of all time. Many of us may even have a pearl necklace of our great grandmother, traveled through down the generations. A pearl necklace has changed various styles throughout the years, but a single strand of pearls adorning your neck will always be a timeless accessory. If it had made your grandmother feel feminine, it would certainly carry the same charm for you.  Another variation on the pearl necklace is a multiple strand pearl necklace, usually a three or a five-strand necklace, kept for a formal occasion. Another take on the classic pearl necklace is a pearl drop pendant in a simple chain. You do not have to dress up, especially to don your pearl necklace. Add a feminine feel to your regular day outfit by opting for a string with a pearl drop pendant. If you wish to explore some pearl necklaces, take a look at


Pearl earrings also have undergone a lot of variation. From simple pearl studs to pearl drop earrings and string of pearls looped in the earlobe. The classic pearl earrings remain, but now you can find designs that suit a modern-day, chic woman’s style more. One tiny or large pearl affixed to an otherwise everyday metal piece in an intricate or bold design gives an entirely new meaning to pearl earrings. You can experiment with the modern and still keep the classic pearl earrings in your jewelry collection. Pearl earrings are never going to go out of fashion any time soon. 


Pearl jewelry was always worn as a set when it was a luxury item and was affordable for a select few only. So, if you were wearing a pearl necklace and pearl earrings, a bracelet made of pearls was also a must to go along with the whole feminine look. The bracelets could be a single strand of same sized pearls or multiple strand bracelets with beads of varying sizes. A modern-day woman would also prefer a pearl bracelet where tiny beads are seeded immaculately in the design. That said, the classic style of a pearl bracelet in any color would always remain a favorite for women worldwide.


Rings on a woman’s hand are elegance personified, and when those rings have pearls, it adds a feminine touch, unlike anything else. Rings with pearl clusters or those with a single gem, both are a great accessory in your collection. You can switch between the various designs according to the situation, the dress you are wearing, or just your personal preference that may not be the same as the current trend. 


Apart from the regular jewelry items, pearl jewelry also comes in the form of various hair accessories such as hair clips and hair bands. The hair clips adorned with tiny pearls add an instant feminine touch to an otherwise regular hairstyle. Apart from these hair accessories, you can have a feminine outlook by getting a dress with pearl buttons or pearl adorned handbags. 

You will hardly come across a woman who will say no to pearl jewelry, and this in itself is a testimony to its timelessness. Perhaps the secret of the appeal of pearls to a woman is that it makes her stand out in a crowd. You can try getting yourself an article of pearl jewelry if you feel like you are getting out of touch with your feminine side.