Outfit Ideas To Wear To A Halloween Party

We all have been in a place where it gets baffling to decide what to wear this year’s Halloween party. Well, it’s never too late, and we have got you covered for last-minute outfit ideas that you can wear and keep up with your friends to a Halloween party. 

Whether it is a badass costume of Thor Ragnarok’s Valkyrie to the spookiest yet sarcastic Morticia Addams, it all comes down to our guide of unique outfit ideas that you can try out in Halloween Party. 

Alice From Zombieland

Alice From Zombieland

Alice from Zombieland is the perfect and most unique Halloween party costume for this October. The dress contains three pieces of wearables that include a pale blue neckline that can be stained with blood -not real, an elasticated puff sleeves with jagged hemline, and a self-tie apron -also stained with blood to give Zombieland vibes. 

Hocus Pocus Trio Witches

For that extra spooky vibe to this Halloween, Hocus Pocus Sanderson’s Sister costume is not an exception. The dress is quite villainous by looks but also fills the iconic jokes of Winifred Sanderson when you will wear it with friends. The costume set includes dark green and velvet dress with crossed gold foiled designs which can be created by hand. 

Cookie Monster or Elmo

Cookie Monster or Elmo

Let’s hear it. Everyone loved the Cookie Monster and Elmo on TVs in childhood, but no one talks about them now. Well, this October, you can try out a simple representation in honor of our childhood favorites. Find yourself a red and blue faux velour dress on SavedByDress.com, and you are good to go.

Eleven from Stranger Things

Things will be stranger this October, so you better wear them or someone else will. Stranger Things has been one of the most talked shows for the past few years. The show brought back the 80’s vibes by the addition of costumes and colors. Meanwhile, Eleven was one of the most colorful characters in the series. To dress up as latest, Eleven finds yourself a wild printed romper and a pair of suspenders. Don’t forget to make a hair ponytail with a yellow scrunchie. 



If you want to give a dark and nostalgic vibe to this Halloween, dressing up as Raven is a perfect choice, for the Raven, you are going to need Turtleneck Leotard in Black, Microfiber tights in Grey, and blue fabric cape. Last but not least, don’t forget your book of spells -you might need it. 

Kill Bill

Jumpsuits are everyday wearables, while things get real when you got a yellow with black stripes. Try out Kill Bill “The Bride” jumpsuit by Uma Thurman that was the art of Quentin Tarantino. Grab a Kitana and wear on matching gym runners, and you are suitable for Halloween. 

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen

To choose from tons of ideas, Danerys Targaryen, aka Khaleesi’s costume, is a perfect choice to wear this Halloween. Furthermore, there are options to choose from Khaleesi costumes. For this occasion, Dothraki Danerys’ dresses give the edge looks of evil. The costume consists of a brown halter top and a tan skirt. If required, you can also grab a long blonde wig. 

Beetlejuice Bride

Bright color dresses are always found to be more attractive and charming. Although if it is the Halloween party, it adds extra attention to people. Beetlejuice bride is another more unique and good to go outfit idea to wear this Halloween. The costume includes red satin bodice and skirt, interlock sleeves, tulle placket, and lace overlays. Add some drops of fake blood for an extra touch. 



Maleficent is a great costume for you this Halloween. Following the iconic performance of Angelina Jolie, Maleficent has been chosen to be the most attractive and bizarre costume at the same time. For the outfit, you might need a black dress with sculpted shoulders, a simple broach on neckline and bell sleeves, and last but not least is the headpiece horn. 

Leopard Printed Bodycon Midi

Sometimes it is not always necessary to wear on a specific character from a movie or a TV show. You can instead do your dress like this Leopard mesh bodycon midi. The dress itself becomes a variety of styles for a Halloween night out. With the right gothic makeup and some layers of upper wear, it becomes a fun night with friends. 

Esther From Orphan


Esther from horror movie Orphan is another excellent choice for Halloween. The formal dressing of Esther gives youthful and evil looks, while gives chills to people who have watched the movie. To think of a costume, it provides an innocent kind of looks. The attire for Esther includes a plaid shirt with a high collar and a big black choker. Although if you don’t have a choker, you can make one with the black fabric on hand; otherwise, it is not compulsory. Wear two long pigtails with a black ribbon in the back. 

Liv Moore

Liv Moore from iZombie can also be your this year’s Halloween costume. With the traditional doctor dress and slight pale makeup, you are good to go to eat the brains of your besties in Halloween. The suit of Liv Moore consists of a maroon hoodie, Lab coat(optional), dark grey heather tank top, skinny black pants, buckle strap boots, and a fake brain.