The Three Best Smallest Cars in the World

We are typically conditioned to think of a vehicle as a large vehicle! However, for drivers and other urbanites, who want more functional cars, that are easy to drive and maintain, the small cars fit the bill perfectly.

Today, most cars are becoming huge, which makes it challenging to drive, maintain, and park. Sometimes, big vehicles are not easy to maneuver. Different people come with unusual choices and requirements. And few people prefer a small car over a big one. For them and others, here are the three best smallest cars popular globally. 

1. Austin Coulson’s DIY 

It is an open-top, two-door car, which is the smallest around the globe! The open-top and doors come with less utility in real-life; still, the car is popular with many drivers. This car takes inspiration from an electric Jeep toy model. Austin Coulson had his vision very clear! He was all set to make a record. And he finally designed and modified many cars. DIY was very different from several vehicles, but Austin intended it to be the smallest car the planet has. And this dream came true in his garage. Austin took assistance on material from 57 Chevy Bel Air. The fabrication got complete, and then the focus was on the engine. The car has a tiny motor which complements the small-car size.

2. Peel P50

It is yet another small car that you can count on! The car’s length is 54 inches. It is 41 inches wide and is 3-wheeled that provides excellent usability. Drivers can get it at an attractive price range. The Peel P50 also got mentioned as the smallest car worldwide in the Guinness Book of Records. The vehicle got manufactured by a UK automobile brand, known as Peel Engineering. The car grabs your attention with the first glance. It comes with a stunning fiberglass monocoque body that balances the weight ratio as well.

3. The Renault Twizy

The Renault Twizy is an excellent compact electronic vehicle and is a 2-seater model. The car got showcased first in the Frankfurt Motor Show way back in 2009. And after two years, the brand started welcoming the booking for this small electric car. The car has some of the best features and advanced technology. Some of the innovative features include:

  • Smart storage space
  • Scissor Gullwing doors
  • Digital inclinometer
  • On-board computer
  • A transparent and panoramic sky roof
  • Energy recovery system

Additionally, the car has a lightweight body, disc brakes, and airbags. The Renault Twizy provides much more than other market players. 

These are the three best smallest cars in the world! It is natural to think that the tiny vehicles might not come with cargo facility or ample interior space like the big cars. However, small cars have their own set of advantages as well. It is easy to park, drive as well as more fuel-effective. Sometimes, the little cars are said to be a tad bit unsafe. However, that is not true with the cars mentioned above. You can research on the car models and brands to get better and updated details.