Tips to Survive the Summer Heat While You’re Pregnant

Summer is one of the best seasons for everyone. Kids are on holiday, and you can go out to the beach or go on a vacation and so much more! However, we can’t say that it’s an ideal time of the year for everyone. Pregnant ladies have it hard during the summer. The heat can make them feel sweaty, irritated, and downright miserable when they should be enjoying the process of making life. 

But fear not! Because for every pregnant lady out there, we have come up with a couple of tips written below that can help you survive against any summer heat that puts a damper on your mood. 

Hydrate Yourself 

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In general, keeping yourself hydrated is very important. But it is even more so when you are carrying a baby in your belly during the summer heat. 

During pregnancy, women are prone to getting dizzy spells and feeling faint, especially during the summer. Make sure you keep a water bottle with you at all times and take smalls sips from it throughout the day. Keep drinking plenty of water or any sports drink that has electrolytes that can retain the water and replace the salt loss in your body. 

Having more water content in your body will help in delivering nutrients to your baby, fight against constipation, flush away waste from your body, and make sure that your skin remains smooth and soft. 

Start Swimming 

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Activities that require energetic movement can be useful for the pregnancy, but too much of it can make your body hot, which is not suitable for you or the baby. 

Try opting for exercises that can help cool your body, which also makes sure that your body doesn’t remain sluggish because of staying indoors. Swimming and water aerobics is an excellent alternative to working out. There are even some studies that have proven that women who participated in water aerobics asked for fewer pain-relieving drugs. 

However, don’t try out extreme water-related activities such as water skiing or scuba diving. Just stick to swimming or boating to keep you and your baby healthy. 

Fewer Layers to Wear 

If there is one thing that is great about summer pregnancy, it’s that you have to wear fewer layers during this terrible heat. 

Avoid wearing restricting clothes, especially around the waist. Pay close attention to the material of the clothes as well. Rashes appear a lot during a summer pregnancy. To prevent them, try wearing clothes that aren’t made up of irritant fabrics that stick to your skin. 

Instead, indulge in wearing maternity tank tops, maxi dresses, oversized t-shirts, or any light clothing made up of silk and linen. If you are lucky, you might even find that some of the clothes already existing in your closet might still fit so you can save up on your maternity clothes shopping. 

Find Places to Cool Off 

During the summer, a lot of women tend to hide away in their rooms and have their air conditioning on to the maximum power. We know that going outside in this heat can be agonizing, but staying at home all the time can also be pretty dull. 

There are different ways you can enjoy going outside without staying at home. Try going out to places such as the theatre, mall, or restaurant. They have air conditioning, so you can enjoy walking around and eating delicious seasonal food without having to get heatstroke in the process. 

Exploring new places can be rejuvenating for your brain and body, so don’t stay cooped up in your home when you have a chance to cool off outside. 

Stay Safe from the Sun

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Pregnant ladies should avoid staying in the sun for too long. Their skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, so they are more prone to suffering from sunburn, rashes, and dark spots, dry and itchy skin from the heat. 

If you have any outdoor chore, you can do them early morning because the heat isn’t that during that time. Apply plenty of sunscreen or sunblock plenty of times during the day when you have to go outdoors. Carry a spray water bottle with you so that you can spray yourself whenever your body gets too hot. 

Apply lotion or take oatmeal baths to prevent dry and itchy skin. Wear light-colored clothes to attract less heat and wear a hat that provides shade to both your face and neckline.  

Rest Your Body 

Being pregnant means that your body is creating a new life, so you deserve to have a lot of rest for working so hard in making and carrying the baby.

Try to make as many naps as you can during the peak hours of summer heat. This way, you can skip the hot weather and preserve your energy by sleeping at the same time. There is a lot of swelling of the body parts during pregnancy, so make sure that you wear flip flops or shoes that are half a size larger than your original size. 

You should also lie down with your legs alleviated by keeping a cushion underneath your legs. It can help reduce swelling in your feet, legs, and ankles. Getting a massage is ideal, too, as it lowers your swelling, and a massage therapist’s office usually has air conditioning, so it’s perfect for a relaxing therapy.  

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